‘Workshops in Washi-Making’
next available course:
15-18 November 2002

The CraftsLink’s
Washi Survival School
2485 Yatsubo-Warabi
Mino-Shi Gifuken 501-3788
Fax: 052-955-0121,
e-mail link images will be installed by April 17th

Three day workshops in Japanese techniques within a four day time period, with flexible arrival and departure times. Arrivals on the afternoon or evening before the first day recommended.

Workshops include:
-Individual participation at each four work stations which cover all stages to produce your own washi paper.
-Lectures on the distinct qualities of bark papers, the history of papermaking in Japan and the manufacturing of tools and accessories.
-Instruction in Japanese and English with the Washi Survival School staff and encounters with regional masters.
-Visits to screen and brushmaker’s workshops in the area. (according to their workschedules)
-Optional visit to the nearby hot spring and/or museum showing 17th century carvings by the monk Enku

our paper-making house lacks glass, plastic or neonlights- a giant paper lantern

and has a view into the valley of Warabi

view in winter

workshop has two vats

Join us at a traditional paper-maker’s farmhouse in an untouched valley near Mino, Gifuken-an area where paper has been made for about 1,300 years.

Dormitory accomodation with futons on Tatami and wood heated Ofuro bath. Modern showers available. Accompanying family can be accomodated at Minshuku rates, depending on the course’s booking situation. Hiking trails begin 300m behind the house.
The school houses a collection of Taiwanese ind. carvings and ikat textiles, a small library and selection of films for evening entertainment.

view from second floor

pounding fibers,

sifting paper with
bamboo screens

and drying it in the sun on
chestnut boards

Tuition fees
58.000.- Yen which covers:
-all meals except alc. beverages and particular snacks. Simple vegetarian meals available.
-postage for any of your paper which cannot be dried during the workshop

Discounts for students and couples negotiable, depending on the size of the group.

What to bring
Work clothes, waterproof apron, one bedsheet, notebook, film, sneakers, musictapes or CD's that support you,
earplugs in case you are sensitive to the 7 AM public morning call. (a modern Japanese habit)
summer: suntan cream, hat, swimsuit, sunglasses, moskito repellent (rare visits of insects, but better to have)
Winter/autumn/early spring: warm underwear, sweaters, ‘kairo’, waterproof shoes.

preferably by e-mail or fax, the telephone is only periodically answered. Deposit Yen 10.000.- prior to the workshop. We will give you the accountnumber upon receiving your application.

Fax: 052-955 0121 (+81 for Japan)
inquiries by e-mail
current phone +81(0)771-22 65 10 ask for Mrs. Deborah Stout

Tokyo-Nagoya, 110min by bullet train, then JR local train to Gifu. Pick-up at JR Gifu can be arranged for those arriving the afternoon/evening before first workshop day. Otherwise bus connection from Shingifu Terminal to Mino-Shi. Last connection about 9 pm. (50-60min ride to Mino-Shi)
Tokyo (shinjuku)-Nagoya highway bus: 03 5438 8511
Osaka-Kyoto-Nagoya, 60min by bullettrain or two and a half hours by JR limited express to Gifu JR.