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The Washi Survival School Family run paper mills in Japan close down one after the other. Due to the lack of successors, valuable knowledge, gained over centuries of transforming treabark into crisp paper, is being drained from this planet's treasure chest of human resources. We are committed to offer assistance to those who want to familiarize themselves with the skill of making Washi-paper from scratch, a challenge for calibrating body and mind. We offer three day workshops in an old papermaker's house near Mino City, Gifu Prefecture. (one hour from Nagoya) Graduates from our program are eligible to rent studio facilities when they are not needed for workshops. Generally, we run three workshops a year. May, August and autumn. The next available course is 15-18 November 2002

The Pillars of Tradition The few artisans remaining, proudly keep up their tradition in Mino, one of the oldest papermaking areas in Japan. The stories they tell were collected by Stephan Köhler and published in the Lufthansa inflight magazine. We do our best to up-date a bibliography of usefull publications concerning washi.


Important Papers For more than ten years, CraftsLink has found particular papers in Japan and Taiwan for artists and restorators and shipped them all over the globe. We are in the process of re-inventing our structures, and might not be able to serve you immediately. However we would be glad to receive your requests, which will help us to tailor a mail order service to fit the needs of our future clients.

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